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A Membership Organization for Military Reunion Groups
CVB Membership Info

Membership Information for CVBs
The Alliance is a membership organization for the military reunion community. Over 600 military reunion groups are members of the Alliance. Click Here to see who they are.
Over 100 CVB/DMOs are members, as well as about 250 hotels and attractions. Click Here to see who they are.
Click Here to see a printable and downloadable PDF about the military reunion market. Similar to a PowerPoint slide show, this authoritative report gives the  "who, what, when, where, why and how" of military reunions and how you can attract them to your area.  
The paragraphs below show how to join the Alliance, briefly summarizing the benefits of membership. Click Here to see detailed information on all the matters discussed.
How to Join the Alliance
Step 1 – Complete the Online Membership Application
Step 2 – Pay your dues
Click Here to take those steps, or just to learn more about joining.
General Benefits of Membership
Alliance membership is a proven best practice for reaching the military reunion market.
It is inexpensive—currently $100/year, (or $175 for two years) with a $50 setup fee for new members.
It is extremely cost-effective.
Specific Benefits of Membership  
Members are automatically listed in the Alliance's online directory. No other information source is viewed by more military reunion decision makers.
Members can optionally submit a free 50-word advertisement to enhance their directory listing.
Members can optionally submit a larger advertisement with a picture, to be included at no charge in a much expanded (still under construction) online directory of reunion cities.
Members can use the Alliance to make low-cost mailings to military reunion decision makers
Members can gain referrals by referring new members to the Alliance
Members can use the Alliance to promote and enrich their site visits and FAM tours  
Members can use Alliance resources in educating themselves and local sales and management staff
To learn more about these benefits, Click Here or click Member Benefits in the margin at the top of this page.
If you have questions or need assistance, send email or call Skip Sander at 412-367-1376.