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Renewing Your Supporting Membership
This page is for hotels that are already members of the Alliance. Your contact for renewals is Howard Dobson, Vice President. You can email him at, or call him at (302) 764-1197.
If you are not yet a member, Click Here to proceed.

How to Renew Your Membership
Renewals are $100 for one year, or $175 for two. You can pay by check, credit card or PayPal. We use PayPal to process credit card payments. Our email address for PayPal is
If you have an invoice from us, just pay it as you normally do. If you need an invoice, a W-9, additional information, or anything else we can help you with, send email or call Howard Dobson at (302) 764-1197. He will drop whatever he's doing to talk to you.

All About Military Reunions
Military reunions are a specialized market that provides solid, profitable revenue to the hotels that pursue it. The keys to success are continuing your membership in the Alliance, and letting the reunions know that you welcome them.  
You can see the "who, what, when, where, why and how" of military reunions by reading our comprehensive short presentation, written especially for hotel personnel. Click Here to see this viewable, printable, and downloadable guide to success.  

Membership Benefit – Your Directory Listing
As a Supporting Member of the Alliance, you already have a listing in our online directory of reunion cities and hotels. If you renew your membership, your directory listing will continue.
No other information source about this market, online or in print, is more complete, or is viewed by more military reunion decision makers. No other source provides as much information about each listed member.
Your directory listing includes a free 50-word ad, and is upgraded at no charge if your CVB is also a member. A typical directory entry appears below. There are active links on the names of the state and city, the name of each member, and the name of each contact. The red and green dots are links to additional information:



Vancouver USA Regional Tourism Office   


Debbie Picard



We're honored to welcome your reunion to Vancouver USA! Home to the Pacific Northwest’s first military post & Fort Vancouver. Located minutes from Portland International Airport, Mount St. Helens, and the Columbia River Gorge makes us an ideal setting for your next reunion.


Hilton Vancouver Washington


Christie Rust



Phoenix Inn Suites


Cindee Brown



Explore Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, Pearson Air Museum, Officers Row and Vancouver Barracks. Tour Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic area.


Click Here to see the entire directory, including your own listing. Now is a good time to check all the links and other information in your listing. Let us know if anything needs to be changed. Use your browser's Back button to return to this page.
Click Here to see more details about our directory listings. Use your Back button to return to this page.

Membership Benefit – Direct Mail
Supporting Members can use the Alliance to make low-cost mailings to military reunion decision makers. Our mailings have a strong record of success in promoting FAM tours and promoting destinations for future reunions.
As of mid-2013, our mailing list has about 1,000 names of military reunion planners and group leaders. We offer a simple and effective way to reach all or some of them by mail.
After discussing the mailing with us, you can send us your direct mail pieces (postcards are best), and we will mail them to our list at cost plus $0.25 per name. We use a fully-qualified mailing house that can adress and mail postcards for about $0.50 each, including postage. Larger mail pieces can be handled at slightly higher prices. We prefer the mailing piece to mention your membership in the Alliance, and we think it improves your results, but it's not an absolute necessity.
If interested, send email or call Skip Sander at 412-367-1376.

Membership Benefit – FAM Tours and Site Visit Support
As a Supporting Member, you have access to Alliance support in promoting and enriching your FAM tours, site visits and other events. We can send invitations to our members, post pages on our web site, and conduct optional seminars in conjunction with your event. We can screen potential attendees and provide solid advice on maximizing the overall impact of your event.  
Membership Benefit – Advertising Opportunities
You have advertising opportunities on our web site and in our print and electronic publications (very limited right now, but will grow greatly in the future).  
Membership Benefit – Educational Opportunities
In dealing with the Alliance, you are working with veterans who have extensive experience in organizing and operating reunion groups, planning and holding reunions, and everything else that pertains to the military reunions market.
As a supporting member, you have access to our low-cost online or in-person educational seminars about the military reunions market—good training for all your staff who deal with this market.

Once again, if you have questions or need assistance, send email or call Skip Sander at 412-367-1376.