The Alliance of Military Reunions          
A Membership Organization for the Military Reunion Community

Membership Benefits – Military Reunion Groups
All military reunion groups can benefit by joining the Alliance. So can people who are seeking to form a reunion group. There are no dues, and any member can join on behalf of the group. The only obligation of membership is to be interested in military reunions.
The benefits of membership arise from an ability to access the knowledge, experience, and goodwill of people with similar goals and interests. Collectively, our members have direct experience in conducting over 5,000 military reunions. By joining the Alliance, they commit to sharing their knowledge with other members. CLICK HERE for an online Membership Application.
General Benefits of Membership
The power of numbers – you will be part of the world's largest organization of military reunion groups and those who serve their needs.
The power of publicity – your group will be listed on the Alliance's web site, making it much easier to find, even if you have a web site of your own. When you become a member, we post it on Twitter, giving you a bit of publicity in the world of social media. And you can publicize your reunion by optionally listing it on our web site, where the information will be available to thousands of potential attendees.  
The power of information – you will have access to the Alliance's informative seminars and familiarization tours, and our ever-growing library of helpful publications.
Specific Benefits of Membership
Alliance Networking  
As an Alliance member, you will have access to the knowledge, skills, and abilities of hundreds of reunion group leaders in every state and several countries. You'll also be plugged in to our community of Supporting Members—the hotels, CVBs, tour companies, attractions and vendors who also belong to the Alliance. They are eager to work with you on having better, more cost-effective reunions.
Online Reunion Notices
You can optionally publish your reunion notice on our web site, making it much more visible to potential attendees. Our listings are straightforward and very complete, and are widely relied on for information about reunions. They include listings by location and date, making it easy for you to research potential locations for your own reunions, to connect with other groups meeting in your reunion city, or your hometown, etc. CLICK HERE to see the current Reunion Notices.
Online Member Directory
Your group will be listed on our online Member Directory, making you MUCH more visible on the Internet. This can be useful in finding missing comrades, family members of deceased members, etc.
Your listing will link to your web site if you have one, and will include a link to your ship or unit's article in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. CLICK HERE to see the current online Member Directory.  
Note that our directory listings do NOT directly include contact information. Interested parties can get that from your own web site, if you choose to provide it there. If someone is trying to reach you and you don't have a web site, or if they don't find your contact information there, they will likely contact the Alliance about reaching you. We will NOT give them your information directly, but will forward their request to you.
Seminars and Town Hall Meetings
You'll be invited to our "members only" Seminars and Town Hall Meetings. (Others may be invited to a few of them, but you'll have priority for registration, and they'll have to join before they can come.) These are held at sites around the country, and feature guided discussion of topics of interest to military reunion groups. They typically include free or low-cost meals and lodging, with an opportunity to explore an attractive and friendly reunion venue. CLICK HERE to learn more about our seminars.
Alliance Publications  
You'll have access to useful members-only publications like our constantly-updated Military Reunions Handbook. The Handbook includes useful things like a Site Visit Checklist, a chapter on finding new members, and the world's most accurate and comprehensive list of reunion notice publishers.  
How to Join the Alliance
CLICK HERE for an online Membership Application.
If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, call Skip Sander at 412-367-1376